Car service and car wash

Car service

The car will remain in perfect condition if you entrust its maintenance to the masters of The car services established next to our offices in Vilnius and Marijampolė employ the best car technicians who can boast of many years of experience and excellent customer feedback. Be sure to check our Facebook account to see if there is a promotion for service today. Please remember to check in our Facebook account whether there is a promotion for maintenance services today.

Vilnius, Parodų g. 2
Marijampolė, Gėlyno g. 10
Repair Services:
  • Wheel mounting, balancing
  • Installation of parking systems
  • Electrical system and engine diagnostics
  • Replacement of flywheels and clutches
  • Brake disc upgrade
  • Engine repair
  • Chassis repair
  • Gearbox repair
  • Replacement of oils, filters
Vilnius, Parodų g. 2
Gėlyno 10, Marijampolė
Car wash

Regular car washing and cleaning will help prevent many breakdowns. In addition to the offices in Vilnius and Marijampolė, we provide almost all car cleaning services in the newly established car washes. Don’t forget to check out our campaign for car wash and other related services today on our Facebook account.

Vilnius, Parodų g. 2
Marijampolė, Gėlyno g. 10
Car wash services:
Whole body polishing
External washing with drying and waxing
Cleaning of rims
Vacuuming the cabin and trunk
Dry cleaning of the entire cabin and trunk
Window cleaning
Cleaning and refurbishment of plastic parts
Engine washing
Chemical cleaning of seats, seating parts and drivers carpeting
Carpet washing
€ 243.00
€ 122.00
€ 54.00
€ 34.00
€ 21.00
Other services:
€ 24.00
Ratlankių valymas su chemija
€ 13.50
Sticker affixing (from one part)
€ 21.00
Engine washing
€ 13.50
Chemical cleaning of one seat
nuo € 135.00
Car polishing
nuo € 95.00
Chemical cleaning of the entire cabin
nuo € 21.00
Kelio apnašų valymas
nuo € 13.50
Išorės poliravimas
nuo € 13.50
Kietas vaškavimas
Vilnius, Parodų g. 2
Gėlyno 10, Marijampolė
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