POLIZINGINIAI.LT is the official representative of Exleasingcar, a well-known company in Europe, for used car retailers in Lithuania. Our main activity is the sale of end-user cars after leasing.

The main task of our professional team is the sale of Polizinginiai vehicles. In order to meet all expectations of our clients, we also provide additional services at points of sale: carry out a trade-in programme, under which an old vehicle is replaced with a new one, provide the possibility to purchase a vehicle by order, provide vehicle rent services, and the possibility to acquire a vehicle on lease.

Change the old one to the after leasing one
Leave your old vehicle with us and acquire a new Polizinginiai one for less
Custom Car Ordering
Order your desired vehicle, which is not now at Polizinginiai site
Vehicle rent
Rent a high-quality vehicle for the desired period
Get the best solutions for acquiring the desired vehicle by instalments
Be the first to learn about the latest vehicles!