Our company cooperates with all the Lithuanian leasing companies providing financial leasing services, therefore we can offer the best solutions for you to buy your car by paying in instalments.

Financial leasing is a form of leasing when the customer pays the entire property purchase price, interest and VAT throughout the leasing period, and becomes the owner of the property at the end of the leasing period.

Enter the price of your selected car in the calculator, the estimated initial contribution (own funds), as well as the preferred leasing deadline and you will find out the size of your preliminary monthly payments.

Selecting financial leasing with balance value decreases the monthly payment size, as part of the car price return is paid together with the last payment.
At the end of the leasing contract period, the customer must pay the unpaid part of the car price or extend the leasing contract in order to fulfil the remaining financial obligation.

Main requirements for the customer when buying in instalments:
  • A citizen of the Republic of Lithuania or a person who has a residence permit to live in Lithuania throughout the entire period of the leasing contract, and who is 18 years old and over.
  • Continuous income which can be verified by documents.
  • The total amount of monthly payments paid to various credit institutions, including payment for the leased car, does not exceed 40 percent of the person's monthly income (in accordance with the Regulations for the Assessment of Consumer Credit Borrowers' Solvency and Responsible Lending).
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